• Randomly visits one person every night.
  • Visit is mandatory and does nothing.
  • Appears as villager to self.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Sweet Dreams played 3,926 times
Jingle all the Way played 3,888 times
I JUST WANT TO TROLL YOU played 1,430 times
Fisher Price DLYV played 673 times
Suppa Magical Grey Scales played 542 times
Who Ruined The Christmas? played 356 times
I hate myself and you too. played 323 times
Search and Destroy played 273 times
Tricked Ya played 141 times
almost 11 years
Heard this was bugged... seems all sleepwalkers visit the same person (for setups for multiple sleepwalkers) rather than each visiting randomly. Admin gotta fix this.
about 11 years
5 Favorites... I'm proud to be one of them.
deletedover 11 years
It's hilarious if he gets killed by the granny :D
over 11 years
Reagent, if he chose who to visit, what is point of him not knowing who he is. :)
over 11 years
This job... need to be revised a bit...
It sucks when you sleepwalk right into cthuly... not funny.
almost 12 years
piece of shit.
deletedabout 12 years
If someone visits this role there should be a % chance that the Sleepwalker wakes up and becomes a Killer (since for most of history it has commonly been believed that if you wake a Sleepwalker they become violent).
about 12 years
Vagabond is a better role with a similar random visit power:
about 12 years
Super, "randomly" visits one person. They don't know who they visit, and they don't get to pick it. Learn to read please.
about 12 years
seems like it doesn't do much. he could just choose to visit no one. he would know he is sleep if he looks blue but can visit. not very good role.
about 12 years
What about granny?
about 12 years
This is not very interesting to me.
about 12 years
I feel like this could die waay to easy
about 12 years
I don't like this :/
about 12 years
Think it would be better if he was just forced to visit, but he had to choice in who to visit. It feels like with random visits he isn't really accomplishing much to help town. if he visits randomly he could at least confuse mafia sided roles like scout or outlook and have them believe he is a tracker or such.
deletedabout 12 years
lmao..i tried adding some..good role :p
about 12 years
FINALLY this role is being added. I LOVE roles that appear blue.
about 12 years
Great role, but I'd like some bug fixes rather than more role spamming.
about 12 years
Just uploaded one for the lols.
about 12 years
I'm a bit skeptical about the "random" aspect, like maybe it would be better if he always visited the kill. If it's random then he would be more likely discovered as his true identity or another PR, not mafia. If he always visited the kill, he would show up on watcher and tracker reports and have to convince the town that he's sleepwalker. The mafia could also fake being sleepwalker this way.
almost 13 years
I love it! + mine if you like it .
about 13 years
Cool Role
deletedabout 13 years
i love this role
about 13 years
Chnage the role to third party and make it so if it visits a certain number of third party or mafia roles in the game it wins.
about 13 years
Interesting, honestly though if it was affected by grannies/intercepters/fools that would be kinda balls for town but I guess to fit the scheme it would have to be T.T