• Appears as villager to self.
  • If mafia tries to kill, he will turn into a Traitor.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Betrayal played 346 times
Look Guise a Cat played 110 times
about 7 years
*should appear to self as blue
*turns into blue if attacked by vig
about 8 years
If the turncoat gets hit by a vig, they should go blue, and if they get hit by a third, they should become an admirer.
over 9 years
I honestly think that this should be a third party role..
almost 11 years
Turncoat still doesn't appear as blue to himself?
about 11 years
Great claim for Bombs trying to get hit by Mafia. =D
over 11 years
so if shrink keep shrinking turncoat, ultimate immortalness? O.O
almost 12 years
This still doesn't appear blue to self? Come on Lucid, get on the ball!
almost 12 years
turncoat should really really really appear blue to himself imo
over 12 years
I agree with most of the suggestions here about turncoat appearing blue until activated. If it looks like they're turncoat as itself, they can try to joint with mafia later, which is rather stupid otherwise.
over 12 years
okay, it shows up as turncoat to itself. it should show up as blue
over 12 years
im pretty sure it does, or did at one point. so glad to see this back though
over 12 years
I'd like this role a lot better for balanced setups if it appeared as a blue to itself. Right now, it's nigh-impossible to make balanced turncoat-based setups, because turncoats will act against town and joint with the mafia before they are even turned.
over 12 years
Why was this role removed? I loved this role bring it back!
over 12 years
Oh my god! Bring this role back! It's ruining my setups without its presence!
over 12 years
Vigil and third party roles like killer can kill it night 1.
over 12 years
you cannot guise a turncoat
over 12 years
A game of straight mafia... Doomed to turn into reverse mafia...

Fire the setup cannons!
over 12 years
should call it "Lebron James"
over 12 years
Really should turn into traitor
over 12 years
i agree with turning into traitor instead of nilla maf, a lot more reasonable
over 12 years
imo it should turn into traitor instead of into mafia
over 12 years
Bitch got edit'd. Can someone fix it so I can see what its supposed to do?
deletedalmost 13 years
"Should appear as blue to himself and others when not 'activated' and count as Village sided until then."
It does. I remade this role since there was a time reset. I forgot to include that part in the description and now I can't edit it back in.
almost 13 years
Should appear as blue to himself and others when not 'activated' and count as Village sided until then. Appears and fucntions as Traitor after killed by Mafia. Pretty neat idea.
almost 13 years
So, would the turncoat himself know that he's the turncoat or would he appear villager?