Middle of goddamn nowhere.

Welcome to my profile. I don't usually put much on my bio, but it's collected over time. You probably won't know me for it, but I'm the creator of the Mastermind and Fabricator roles. Yes I know the Mastermind's bugged to hell and back but I can't control that sort of thing.

Those of you who are here to know how I play, you tell me. I'm not a very good judge looking from the inside-out. But I can tell you:

I play by mood. When I'm feeling proactive, I'll look at people's general behavior, subtle scumtells, and defensiveness. All this scrutinizing will then often cause me to overlook the obvious, like who is logically the mafia. When I feel as though someone is sufficiently scummy, I'll push him until he either breaks or goes into a frenzy against me. I feel that normally frenzy means mafia, but it can also mean stupid villager. Other times I'll sit-back and let everyone else go crazy on each other, then drop my FOS and push it on people a little if the town seems oblivious from my perspective.

Anything I say that is over 5 characters will have perfect capitalization/punctuation (excusing comma abuse), and I frequently misspell words in a rush to type things, and will almost always append the correct spelling.

Also, in case you missed it the first paragraph I said it, I create roles. And pretty good ones at that:




about 11 years
+k'd.(: return? <3
deletedabout 11 years
would you be willing to help me with this:
deletedover 11 years
deletedover 11 years
thanks, however i would be in trouble if you were with a friend or town had a high enough acumen to actually guise test me on the roles in your profile.
over 11 years
Well, better than nothing I guess xD
It was like over a year ago...
over 11 years
Congrats on 3 new rules, b3d. I hope you remember who I am, though I doubt it D:
deletedalmost 12 years
Yo... Congrats on the fabricator, I love it... You know you can sab a fabbed gun and make it blow up in thier face? Lol. Also... Wanted to show you a new version of a setup that you left encouraging comments on a while ago... It went ranked and got negbombed so I made a more balanced version :) http://www.epicmafia.com/setup/535240 you can mimick a traitor too!
deletedalmost 12 years
Made a role myself, I was wondering if you could critic it.
deletedalmost 12 years
Hahaha, thnx, if i could +k again, i would.
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deletedalmost 12 years
+k for your epic roles and avi
deletedalmost 12 years
lucid said he liked your fabricator role and asked u to make a thread about it in the EM subforum
deletedabout 12 years
this is ineffective... i moved to my old acocunt. :O
over 12 years
+k for two reasons:

1) Your avatar is awesome.

2) I totally agree with your opinion on no avi's. I was essentially FORCED to pick up an avatar because I would get lynched on D1 unless a cop got an inno on me... and even then, when I proved myself a competent player and played with the SAME PEOPLE the next round, they'd still D1 lynch me :/.
deletedover 12 years
+k for awesome avi !
almost 13 years
+K for clever and original roles. You need more attention! XD
deletedalmost 13 years
K+ <3
almost 13 years
Bullet Bill works for hunter, only if I can't find a Friendly character for it. Mastermind is still up in the air. Smithy, Sir Grodus, Cackletta, and Dementio all fit the theme. Blacksmith is probably gonna be Koops, since he can guard with his shell and shit. Lastly, Werewolf will probably be Tubba Blubba.
deletedalmost 13 years
almost 13 years
+4k bro