Finally home.
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I make video games in my spare time. I'm currently playing Starcraft 2, Resident Evil 6, Yugi-Oh!, Minecraft, a project I've been working on, and this of course.

I love webcomics that revolve around geek subjects or gaming. I am currently keeping up with: XKCD, BitF, OotS, and Aikonia.

I also write poetry. Ask me for a sample.

I do not have alt accounts.

DarkFelicity is the love of my life. We're now living together after meeting on EM. <3 (10/11/11)

almost 12 years
sup my other homo nigga
deletedover 12 years
I think my profile makes everyone hungry. :3
over 12 years
Plussed to try and compensate for people who negged you for blue text. LOL
over 12 years
Fantastic guise work, :D
over 12 years
+K for big game
almost 13 years
+k'd, returning now that I have 2k. : D
almost 13 years
thanks! +K for a good game
almost 13 years
+K, you're a good player.
almost 13 years
+k pro fool
almost 13 years
+k'd for good call