• Visits one person every night.
  • Will kill one person who visited that person that night.
  • If a killing role visits alongside others, it will kill in this order: Mafia, Third-party, and then Town-sided.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Official Forest Fire played 113 times
almost 6 years
If more than one person visits trapper's target, those that don't die learn who trapper are.
over 7 years
since this is town sided ceptor, you can ACTUALLY FIND OUT WHO TRAPPER IS
over 7 years
just trap noavis ez
deletedabout 10 years
about 10 years
Trapper killed the unkillable gramps ... fix it !!!!
over 10 years
please revamp so it doesn't kill priests
over 10 years
I intercepted a trapper but it killed me instead, bulllshit.
over 10 years
could he kill himself because he visits that person and may be caught in own trap
over 10 years
nice, love it
over 10 years
the icon isn't working, it's just a white box...
over 10 years
This is a Townsided Interceptor to all those who don't understand it.
over 10 years
BG is that you?
over 10 years
can you visit yourself?
over 11 years
I agree with adreneline, the odds of this working....It would take someone with experience and luck
almost 12 years
i want this -.- townsided ceptor sounds cool. the fact it could possibly kill town PRs balances the fact it can kill maf PRs. (cop+stalker on the trapped target, for example)
almost 12 years
True, the trapper was aborted before conception.
almost 12 years
Yay 200th plus
almost 12 years
Awesome- plussed it
almost 12 years
It's not overpowered, because it only lasts for one night, and only kills 1 person at most. It makes a lot of sense as townsided, because it isn't for killing the person you target. The thing is, the person in the most danger is people with multiple visits, which is a LOT of the Mafia (I'm looking at Driver here), as well as Santa and the Baker.

I would like to note that it should not kill people who have auto-selfvisiting, like the Priest, or situational, like the Mimic and Amnesiac (They self-visit when they role change, right?). However, choosing to target yourself, like the Shrink or Enforcer WOULD cause you to trigger a trap on yourself. It just seems to make more sense.
about 12 years
>Should be a third-party because why would someone town-sided kill their own town-sided players. Useless

The trainingtard is strong in this one. I bet he never played with a vigil.
deletedabout 12 years
Should be a third-party because why would someone town-sided kill their own town-sided players. Useless
deletedover 12 years
over 12 years
meh, town killing mafia roles don't fit well, and if they do, only in large ass-setups.
almost 13 years
Town-sided interceptor, basically.