Now I lay me down to sleep / I pray the funk will make me freak / If I should die before I waked / Allow me Lord to rock out naked
in love with 
part of  family

I can't control my future self, but, based on my slow trend towards permanent inactivity, I do believe this is the end of my Epic Mafia journey.

I joined this site as an immature kid just looking for another way to spend time online. I leave this community as an immature adult with an irrational love for mafia, an incredible WPM, and an unexpected confidence in myself and the beliefs that I have.

Email me at triaft@gmail if you want to stay in touch. Even if it's two years down the line, do it. It'd be good to hear from yall.

Thank you friends. This is a ridiculous website with silly people and I am infinitely grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you for playing in my games, cohosting with me, lynching me, trying out my awful challenges, and being great great great people.





tirfat2012, greeeeeen, Reseaux, Ersatz, Oxygen, Macavity, ThighSpace, mrbloatingman, Vin5DaWin, puzzledave, jackdefend123, xPosed, Praise, TheTribe, CaptainDroll, Whorianna, carousei, PxPxa, mobiIe, GALLISHUNTER, Steppe, TakeMeToJury, CONst, Unxio, MysteryMachine, 000000, 000001, xSoniaNeverWinsx, Platinum, itisMEtheTRAITOR, atsirk, deandean + secret alts + ones i forgot

my names

triaft, tirfat, trifat, 3aft, trifart, traift, cryaft, triart, trialt, trishaft, tridork, trislut, tridumb

my familes

Zenith, /rekt, Zeal, Future Dads, Rekt, this is a family ok?, valar morghulis




about 6 years
Are you still cool and groovy?
moving and grooving. :) hope everything is extra groovy in the vivor scene
anonymousover 7 years
hi i always had a secret crush on u from afar but tbh think we all did you're funny as heck k bye
anonymousalmost 8 years
if you're stranded in the ocean, would you want a triRAFT
um no id want to have an actual ship with food and water what kinda dumb mofo wants a raft
anonymousover 8 years
*plays bad recorder music*
almost 9 years
Why did your song fool me into thinking I'd be listening to Celine Dion LOL oh my gosh
tbh i have never been so truly expressed by one song in all my life


20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
10 / 10Scumhunter
7 / 10Gotcha!
6 / 25Explosion!

Created Setups

almost 5 years
. . . . . ... f] rg; rgre gerher rh
over 6 years
Oh my god we all thought you were VWXYZ yesterday lmfao
almost 7 years
Thank god the video is bad
about 7 years
um what happened to your titanic video? it really inspired me.
over 7 years
thank u for gracing our presence
over 7 years
Katie 30mon 29d
tirfat 2012 fCKING TIRFAT 2012
over 7 years
tirfat bb come back
almost 8 years
=( ㅤ ㅤ
almost 8 years
ok well frick gues i'm not a c h a l e n g t h r e t
almost 8 years
c h a l l e n g t h r e t s q u a d
deletedover 8 years
You remind me of how pretty Leonardo DiCaprio is bae ♡♡♡
over 8 years
same honestly. cruisin thru life :^)
over 8 years
hey man, how u been ;D
over 8 years
I'm your biggest fan!
over 8 years
Dude. Sup.
over 8 years
off to college friends. see you all soon! :)
deletedalmost 9 years
wtf!!!!!!!!!!!! why didnt i karma u earlier?????
deletedalmost 9 years
some of dat alt karma
deletedalmost 9 years
i swear your profile song just gets me dying
deletedalmost 9 years
Life isnt as serious as you think it is