• Does not visit when killing.
  • Can night kill bombs without risk. Be sure to vote first.
  • Does not alert Loudmouth when visiting them.
  • Can be killed if visiting a Samurai.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Carbon 14 Dawnstart played 1,771 times
TEO with guns V8 played 424 times
Titled 2.0 played 406 times
TEO with Guns 6 played 389 times
TEO with guns V7 played 217 times
BOMBS AND BOOBS played 186 times
BEARS N BOOBS' MULTI (BNBM) played 172 times
drunken slutty party (dsp) played 170 times
War never changes... played 155 times
Full Moon played 138 times
almost 9 years
Why does ninja wakes LM?
over 9 years doesnt work for loudmouth
about 10 years
Doesn't work for loudmouth.
over 10 years
Petition to have you permabanned.
over 10 years
petition to rename this role to naruto
over 11 years

Ninja gets gunned and shoots a bomb during day, but doesn't die himself. Is it intended that Ninja doesn't visit when shooting during day?
about 12 years
Ninja does not die to granny lol.
over 12 years
a bomb killing role, i love it!
over 12 years
@dino It's not OP if there aren't any bombs! No role is really overpowered by itself, it really depends on the setup.
over 12 years
Lol, it can assassinate the bomb without dying, OP much?
deletedover 12 years
No, it wasn't
over 12 years
this was my idea ;)
over 12 years
Ninja wouldn't kill granny. granny is immortal.

Ninja would just seem like he NK'd.
over 12 years
So perfect I'm surprised it hasn't been added already
deletedover 12 years
I agree with shanko.
over 12 years
for cops should say "Was not able to determine an alignment"

and also make all 3rd party roles show up with this message
So will the Ninja be able to kill Granny at night? Is that fair?
over 12 years
And I too ask for brobat's motion to be included. He'd just not "visit", much like watcher does, in terms of mechanics. Hell, Ninja would be immune to Losers role/379.
over 12 years
i like brobats idea
over 12 years
v if anyone didn't get what bro meant, ninja basically should ignore visits altogether, it kills without actually visiting.
over 12 years
@Brobat I agree with this! Lucid, can you please extend ninja's abilities to outside of trackers and watchers while you're at it? As well as the free kill during the day with lightkeeper dead. This would make the role so much more usable and interesting!
over 12 years
Uploaded 3 roleicons :3
over 12 years
This role should not simply be immune to detection from trackers/watchers but should outright not show up or be 'caught' by any role which checks/responds to visits. For example, a Ninja should be able to visit Granny but not die since she didnt see him visit her. I hope people understand what I am trying to suggest.
over 12 years
Uploaded roleicon, hope you like!
over 12 years
>People keep quoting Xavier. >NK >Not detected because no one visited.

You guys can be rather dumb when you want.