• If killed, town will be engulfed in darkness during the next day.
  • Players cannot see who is talking.
  • Players cannot see who voted whom.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

I JUST WANT TO TROLL YOU played 1,430 times
Lucky Strike played 744 times
Shot in the dark  played 612 times
Guess & Check played 595 times
No one loves us. played 525 times
Hip-Fire played 377 times
Setup 19914 played 346 times
Peanut Butter Jelly Time played 169 times
Common Quarrel played 158 times
Tricked Ya played 141 times
over 6 years
lightkeeper is a maf role
about 8 years
Should work like Blinder so you can see the votes as anonymous.
about 11 years
still think this is the best role, despite all the recent new roles!
about 11 years
over 12 years
Horrible role that leads to spamming. Nothing clever or helpful about the LK.
almost 13 years
I liked the part where we just stayed in a building during THE FUCKING DAY and couldn't just flick on the lights.
about 13 years
Lynch me guys! It'll be funny, I promise!
about 13 years
Provokes huge amounts of spamming when killed. Not the most ideal role imo.
over 13 years
Alrighty. -k. Dun liek it,
over 13 years
funkii, i doubt anyone can keep track of who is talking with the usual chaos that ensues in darkness, unless it's just one person, then i may see your point. But that is rarely the case.
over 13 years
This role is useless with the new see who is typing update.
over 13 years
The perfect role is the one that brings out the most motivation to talk in all of us.
deletedover 13 years
Easily the best role.
over 13 years
Only problem IMO is the spamman, and a flood filter on games would be useful for a lot more than just this (pregame spam anyone)
over 13 years
I like this role. :|
over 13 years
still leads to spamming.