• Once a night, can choose someone to play rock / paper / scissors with.
  • If the player loses, the gambler takes his/her life.
  • If the player wins or ties, the player escapes unharmed.
  • Gambler wins if alive and takes two lives.

In popular setups

Roshambooty played 174 times
Catch the Crazies played 102 times
over 5 years
Killing your sidekick apparently doesn't count toward the kill count.
over 6 years
I oke the current mechanic for this role (extra visit in the middle of the night)

Pls dont change it
over 7 years
my favourite role so far
over 7 years
And this time, I'm not gonna get caught.
over 7 years
would be cool if it had an icon
over 7 years
Lilin would be proud.
deletedover 7 years
Interesting role.
deletedover 7 years
wait what idgi is it entirely random or does the chosen player get a day action like "You have been challenged to rock / paper / scissors! What do you choose?"
over 7 years
I propose to change Rock/Paper/Scissors to calling a coin toss so you can't draw.
over 7 years