What's up guys? Recently got on, and I hope to start getting into the game again. Anyone who remembers me, hit me up! And Just call me Derek.

Winner of BlackSorcerer's Season 4 Survivor By using the word "Fuck"

Winner of ScoobyDoo2796's Season 7 Survivor

Season 1(i had to leave unexpectedly so the spot was taking by one of my companions soda17)- sarahkjb

Season 2- ZeikHunter

Season 3- Downlink

Season 4- Lauren2013 Runner Up- Blade12344

Season 5- Lavaworks303 Runner Up- Jaylen23

Season 6- soda17 Runner Up- hedger

Season 7- aw168 Runner Up- DDDragoni

Season 8- Armorous Runner Up- dannyred694

Soda17 All-Star Match- 6th place out of 16**

almost 11 years
u kno it
over 11 years
hey man :)
over 12 years
Best Survivor Game I Have Ever Played!!! +k'd
over 12 years
+k for hosting a great game of vivor. Should have taken Psy f2 though xD
over 12 years
+ked! Great Survivor host!
over 12 years
you are... d man!!
deletedover 12 years
+k'd for being an amazing survivor ally, aha. <3
over 12 years
Gouda be in that game.
over 12 years
thanks dude
over 12 years
+k'ed you to 1 karma so you should be able to post on the forums now lol.