name: ariel age: 26 location: earth sign: libra personality: sarcastic and mean. I apologize for run ins.

My play style varies from game to game depending on who I'm playing with and what everyone is saying.

So don't bitch at me if I play different in the next game.

arielxmermaid: I like silencer arielxmermaid: I like being frustrated and not being able to explain myself HoboBob: lmao ariel likes to have her mouth balled HoboBob: <3. arielxmermaid: OH yeah I do arielxmermaid: <3

HoboBob - how hot is that...roar. ;) <333

Very hot! lol!

If you are going to +K or -K me, please tell me why! I<3Everyone who does.

over 8 years
how have you been?
over 8 years
long time no see :D
over 12 years
+K for being a cute little kitty.
over 12 years
+k I'll try not to do that again lol
over 12 years
aww ty +K back :)
D/w I wont fiddler you forever o:
over 12 years
Ariel <333
over 12 years
its ok <3
almost 13 years
hello there!
deletedalmost 13 years
Thank you :) I had already plussed your karm.
over 13 years
Sure your real name isn't Helvetica?
over 13 years
over 13 years
We live in the same timezone, I'm totally going to stalk you now <3
deletedover 13 years
cute people deserve to be invited to sexy families
deletedover 13 years
+k for being cute
over 13 years
-K for bad hammer and inability to read maf/town tells. Sorry Fading was trolling, but the 3 way lylo should have given you enough info. Better luck next time.
over 13 years
+k to counter dorks
deletedover 13 years
+k for being awesome
almost 14 years
we now have = karma :D