Uncced Cop!!! Uncced since 127 B.C.

(☞゚∀゚)☞ Don't fear !! Cop is Here!! ✌(◕‿-)✌

Add me on MSN/AIM => ****

Hello everyone! I am a Sandbox Cop!! You will hardly find me playing outside Sandbox or Survivor lobby(If Lucid ever makes it). I rarely play anonymous games.I have an alt, but I hardly play with it. I only use it to give Karma to other good players.

I love Rock Music(aww yeah xD), I love watching Movies(I can watch any Movie). I Follow Tennis(Go Nadal!) , Cricket(My country is totally obsessed with it) but I love Soccer(MESSI is GOD!!). I Cheer for Barça(Més que un club) and Argentina/Portugal.

Favourite roles=>

Town-Detective/Vig I fucking love det but i hardly survive as det. I die before n2 or game ends before n2(LOL xD)



People with whom I love playing on EM =>

Luvcheese, hedger, Cameron, Arawn, DioBrando, violin14, MuttDuhmun, Valerie, Aeiowyn, Y2jLV, hootowl, Aydemirr, Lilseto, Natstar, LennieBriscoe, InToXiC8D, twinklestardust, irishwhiskey , Theskyisblue, Retyd , jelf22 ,toptoughy ,PsyXs

> 1. I never claim Cop when I am not cop, makes me look scummy > 2. I never claim Virgin/Hunter as Fool > 3. Disguiser test= No need in Sandbox , Wills are enough to fuck Disguiser! > 4. Forger Test = I always put "uncced" before the role in my will. > 5. I never reveal in roles that there is Spy when I am claiming agent(as Spy)..Also i love spamming in Spy vs Agent!! > 6. I never spam in a game, If you find me doing Its Vent. > 7. As killer/survivor/Cthulhu/Politician/MM I joint with town.. Untill there is a buddy in Maf team. > 8. I always leave actual roles in my will as WW.


As Player

  • 2nd in Hedger's Lover Vivor Season 2

  • 2nd in Hedger's Lover Vivor Season 5

  • 2nd in BorynStone's extreme survivor

  • 2nd in random4life's Season 42 "Revamped Edition"

  • 2nd in Hedger's Lover Vivor Season 8

  • 1st in 1st Y2J's survivor(Finally won dat wifom game)

  • 9th in EM's first Amazing Race, hosted by Tyler.

  • 1st in Hedger's Lover Vivor Season 9

  • 2nd in SURVIVOR by EvilGinger

Well I have played and got in F3 in some other Vivors too. My First vivor win was in game Hosted by PSyXs.

In all those rounds in which I came 2nd is due to that WIFOM game which i can never win !! lmao!!

As Host

  • 1st UNCCEDVIVOR = xladyXdadax ; 1stRunnerUp =XFire1994; 2ndRunnerUp= Flippinturtles

  • 2nd UNCCEDVIVOR = Owloysius ; 1stRunnerUp =Arrows; 2ndRunnerUp= Hedger(Well he sucided to get food when he was winning)

  • 3rd UNCCEDVIVOR = Hedger ; 1stRunnerUp =Whirled; 2ndRunnerUp= Renaaa

  • 4th UNCCEDVIVOR = gommage ; 1stRunnerUp =BroStrider; 2ndRunnerUp= Hedger(AS usual he sucided to get food when he was winning)

  • 5th UNCCEDVIVOR = Reyjakai ; 1stRunnerUp =xKandy ; 2ndRunnerUp= luvcheese


Other Mentions=>

  • Aeiowyn = 100th friend
  • Mushy = 1st friend ( I think she dosen't play anyomre..lol)

SIMPLY MESSI!!! One kick Two goals xD <a href="http://www.gifbin.com/985168"><img src="http://gifs.gifbin.com/042011/1302021515_messi-scores-two-goals-with-one-shot.gif" alt="funny gifs"/></a>

If you +k'ed/-k'ed me I would love if you kindly put your name down there. Don't worry i don't return favor If you -k'ed me. I hardly give -k to anyone!!

deletedover 7 years
+k from this account, Good to see you back buddy
about 10 years
You are back :O
over 11 years
...and you're gone once again
over 11 years
Don't you never leave again for so long time!
almost 12 years
idk if you still come online but +k'd you to 48 from my alt! cause you're awesome.
about 12 years
aww yay! plus returned :)
about 12 years
Thanks, I'll +k you when I reach 2000
about 12 years
Oh, thanks =P returned favor
about 12 years
"AS usual he sucided to get food when he was winning" - lmao, sorry but food>vivor. At least when I'm forced to :P
deletedabout 12 years
Bummer, but 2nd ain't bad! +k and look forward to playing again soon
about 12 years
Exam bro. Exam xD. Sorry for that lol.
I miss you guys too.

I'll be back as soon as I can.
about 12 years
Mister Innocent, Unccedcop, only cc when it comes to him is zz top;
when he calls guilty all them maf run amok,
treats epicmafia like an enterprise, analytical as spock;
with as much reports as data, you know he gonna rate ya,
naughty or nice he's like santa in helter skelta;
always lynching scum, putting a cap in the fool,
if you think you can outsmart him, bitch go back to grade school;
or actually, go back to kindergarten,
uncc be the cop with the black doc martens;
whip in hand he can be quite bossy,
he takes it as a compliment when you call him a nazi;
about 12 years
+K !! :)
about 12 years
+k'd ,,,,,,
about 12 years
+k'ed to 11 karma lol.
about 12 years
It should've been like that but surivivor is 3rd party anyway they would lynch me anyway. You pushed for my lynch anyways...and you saw at the end that I was alien. I just saved my ass in the end