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philip glass's ass
in love with 
part of  family

the original gay(tm) before it became a meme

my names via and i like indie video game (yes I was Levity & I changed my name)

i'm on and off on hiatus but I still come around sometimes. I graduated from college and now I'm paying off student debt and I'm tired all the time

I used to be kinda good at competitive mafia but it consumed my life and I had gotten so addicted & I was such a huge dick to everyone over a dumb game that I had to pry myself away from it and now I try to play it strictly in a less serious context which is probably the only reason I'm still here lmao

I'm fictionkin and I don't care if you ask about it it's just kinda become another thing about me now you know

I'm a trans guy and started hrt May 1st, 2019

ummmmmmm 1v1 me in overwatch

  • find your inner final boss and perhaps, someday, you will be prepared to challenge me

grace (manix) is my gf and we're 6 years strong




anonymousabout 6 years
What is your sexual orientation? I know you are trans male, but are you interested in males?
almost 9 years
about 9 years
☉‿⊙ ☉‿⊙
☉‿⊙ ☉‿⊙ ☉‿⊙
about 9 years
Is this Levity?
YES it is me levity
over 9 years
Hoshido or Nohr?
ughhh it's such a hard decision i;ll play both eventually but GOING WITH HOSHIDO FIRST
almost 14 years
Can't plus K you yet but i'll come back when i can!! u read my ass!! sorry u got screwed by a troll..... gg
almost 14 years
almost 14 years
That was an awesome game. Shame you vegged.
almost 14 years