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you may see me around but i am only playing in a private lobby. maybe

about 9 years
+k to 42
about 10 years
Whats up Manix?
deletedover 10 years
"watch this space. i may return yet."
Gasp. Do I dare hope...?
almost 11 years
Whats up Manix?
deletedabout 11 years
Heyyyyy.... I was looking over alot of my old threads and setups and whatnot and realised that ive never stopped to thank you for being awesome and helpful and... Ya--- just wanted to let you know that i got some respect for you
about 11 years
check my description <3
about 11 years
Know you'd be excellently received and fed my famously delicious waffles every morning.
over 11 years
Ty fair player :)
over 11 years
Kudo to have killed you N1? ^^
over 11 years
That implies I have to go back to the darkest dungeons of this site... the T-Training Lob-b-by. Sends chills down my spine just to think about it.
over 11 years
That's a very nice icon you have there. For a very nice series. +k!