the fabulous cunt
in love with someone gone


anonymousabout 9 years
do u play league? or like homestuck?
yes i'm really good at league
about 9 years
dontt kick me b itch
i think i already did
anonymousabout 9 years
You need to crop your avi
u need to not talk to me thanks

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deletedabout 9 years
you make m3 s3xy
about 9 years
shh, dont mention it, but there's this super hot model walking around EM... I hear she literally makes guys' hearts melt... She's said to be really sweet too. And I even hear she's... She's... she's... oh... wait, it's YOU!
deletedover 9 years
tanner pls
deletedover 9 years
Hot tbh
over 9 years