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Meanest EM player ever


anonymousalmost 6 years
Why do you fart so often?
Because I'm a classy lady~
about 6 years
faits amusants, si vous connaissez l'anglais, le français, l'hébreu et l'arabe, vous aurez m'a impressionné
I had to google most of that lmao but my goodness you know a bunch of languages!!
about 6 years
Hey there I bring all the fire you need with all the oozing candle wax ;)
Uh what?
deletedover 7 years
who are you again?
I feel so betrayed D:
anonymousover 7 years
If a Kitsumie's adorable in a forest and nobody's there to observe it, does she still make an adorbs?
If an anon is adorable and no one knows who they are, are they still adorbs? Because, yes <3


3 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 25Explosion!
1 / 20He's Batman
1 / 20Do No Harm
almost 8 years
Aww thanks! <3
deletedalmost 8 years
awww ;____; thanks! Here's a +K<3
deletedalmost 8 years
almost 8 years
+K for +K :3
almost 8 years
K+ for <3
almost 8 years
K +10 for taking care of my friend ruiyang
almost 8 years
Just marking my territory.
almost 8 years
You remind me of my friend lucy
almost 8 years
almost 8 years
+k for being a sweetheart. -k for being in love with ruiyang
almost 8 years
almost 8 years
ur cute
almost 8 years
+k tbh
almost 8 years
aww thnx bb +K
almost 8 years
more like cutesumie
almost 8 years
+k for you