thx for reading this nonsense... please give me some karma or the karma police will come to take you away... sorry, for a second there I lost myself

I look at trees, but they are too full of words like a poet that inscribed the initials of their most loyal spidekick, d-lmao

I am a pretty chill Peep most of the time but here is my no-no player list, can't stand these iditaota:

  1. mrbaxterisdead/beryllium- utter trash
  2. PoetSlorp - arse
  3. mitra - no
  4. davidlmao- hahaha lame user that thinks he kool because he created a lame setup with TanB (who is awesome, btw) that became briefly popular for red and comp games, but the Autocratic Library is utter trash compared to JFK Assassination Point Farm Edition™
  5. dyinginside- steve is better, can't stand this trashy alt
  6. whatislif- what even is this trash account?
  7. GrannyPixel - what comes up under 'wench' in the dictionary.
  8. Nimau- cannot understand that my suicides are caused by glitches; I fixed the issue and it doesn’t happen as often anymore; so just stop, and if you don’t like how I talk about music and movies and stuff with xtal because you are jealous than that just means you are a vacuous, verminous imbecile

NOTE: if you care I update the garbage SoundCloud EDM song to the right weekly, so be sure to check that out.

UwU EZClap first steve <3 MOTRA SLOPPE imgur doll Wild times with Wild B PoetB Carmen is Baaz F off Miles Mememe idits MIAMATANGI


(those are some famous catchphrases I made)

about 5 years
Can you put me on your "can't stand these iditaota" list?
about 5 years
First karma in spirit since I'm too poor to get 2000 points