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I'm Synn. I only accept friend requests if we've actually played together.

If villagers were power roles:

Sphinx role:

Caity is awesome.


anonymousover 7 years
Damn, your music taste sucks.
Alan Parsons Project is a classic! You just don't understand music. I'd fiddle you with that song every single game.
over 10 years
over 10 years
I heard you like Tokuu.
You heard right!
over 7 years
+k because <3
deletedalmost 8 years
80% maf win o_o
over 8 years
Seventh come back!
almost 10 years
over 10 years
<3 +3
over 10 years
Where are youuu ;;;
over 10 years
+1 karma
over 10 years
must be lesbian
deletedover 10 years
Synn <33333333
over 10 years
It must be love love loooove<3
over 10 years
): !! I added you on Skype. I hope we'll get to talk more.
over 10 years
add me
deletedover 10 years
over 10 years
You heard right.
over 12 years
im on wheres you??? D:
over 12 years
Whoa, a lot of hugs! *asks for deviantart account*
over 12 years
nice job +k'd
about 13 years
Where are YOU?!?!
deletedover 13 years
+k Frosty! Please Return!
over 13 years
I'd like to inform you your friend (SoldatofWaffenSS) is a known cheater and impersonator (as players such as myself) in EM. Here's +K in goodwill, knowing you would want to remove somebody such as him from your friend's list.