New York, NY

Let's go Rangers!

I'm the best there is, was, and ever will be


2 / 25Explosion!
1 / 20Super Sleuth!
deletedover 10 years
you are /so/ intimidating
over 11 years
was that necessary for beating you?
almost 12 years
+k'd, =)
deletedalmost 12 years
yo i was maf with puff the game before and we had discussed the same strategy... i was hung up on puff... hes a good player. have some +k, scrub
almost 12 years
only word you know is scrub. forreal, learn something new to call people.
over 12 years
troll of the year +k
over 12 years
Your stupidity is offensive. Now go away scrub.
over 12 years
u say i am a scrub sir? Well not quite my good man. -k, also I would like to point out your comments were offensive and you should stop playing.

almost 13 years
+k because dem scrubs are mad
almost 13 years
>call people scrubs
>sucks at the game
I think we all know the real scrub here, and it's you.
almost 13 years
Keep them coming. I can always live with the satisfaction of not being a scrub. Good night.
almost 13 years
lol, you're a huge fucking faggot.
almost 13 years
You can go fuck yourself you karma-hugging sourpuss.
almost 13 years
There are tons of people in the training lobby who aren't really shitty players and elitists at the same time. Don't be proud you fucking faggot.
almost 13 years
There are tons of people in the competitive lobby that suck hard. Don't be proud you fucking scrub.
deletedalmost 13 years
ur going to tell me i suck with 600 points and 1 karma? i play competite son
almost 13 years
hey man whats wrong with you?? i cant neg anyone yet..look at my points..409..are you serious?? well peace dude..<3<3
almost 13 years
i dont want everyone banned dude...if you want check the games. btw whats your fucking problem.??????? just close your eyes and dont read the comments. new york rangers.lol. :P
deletedover 13 years
AHAHAHA i didn't know you couldn't even post. but seriously (this is rhetorical since you can't reply) but why were you even near the leave button