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"I had my trophy run fucked up because of burns playing when he was drunk last night" - BROTIUS

deletedover 9 years
my heart burns without you.
deletedover 11 years
Remember when you guised out as Matt12 and didn't say a word all day. Good times.
over 11 years
Hey asshole, do you still play?
over 12 years
Of course. Spindrift killed you.
May you be avenged, young burns. May you be avenged.
over 12 years
I have no clue what happened to you. Used to be great...
deletedover 12 years
I heard you got you banned. you must be BURNED up about that huh?
deletedover 12 years
i burn for you
over 12 years
I suspended you for 12 hours for remaining silent.
You can post on my wall or the report rules violation thread for more info.
almost 13 years
Negged for AFKing in comp
deletedalmost 13 years
I gave you some sass in the pre-game. But you did what you had to do and town-told like a pro at the end. I don't know how the fuck Mixxo pulls out you being mafia from his mind. But you always get a surprise every once in awhile.
almost 13 years
oh gosh i said mean stuff to u but it wasnt you it was the vent so ya ^ ^
vent was saying stupid stuff as you so i got mad teehee
almost 13 years
You're getting pretty close to a ban from all your suicides (on both your accounts).
deletedalmost 13 years
+k'ed for awesome drunking!
almost 13 years
Negged for faking fiddled
almost 13 years
well at least your massive amount of vegs fit with your character, though it makes for shitty games
almost 13 years
why do you lurk every goddamn game?
almost 13 years
You've been suspended for 12 for a gamerelated suiciding.
almost 13 years
I suspended you for game http://www.epicmafia.com/game/256785. You have numerous reports against you so you should avoid more.
almost 13 years
roskilde festival?