Brazil :D

I don't play Reverse mafia to pointfarm. Therefore, I always side with the mafia as traitor/fool. I also like challenges :)


15 / 15Knight Devout
7 / 10I'm Batman.
1 / 20Super Sleuth!
1 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 20On the Trail
almost 10 years
Are you alive
about 10 years
k+ not tired guy :p
over 10 years
+k Não me pergunte porquê.
almost 13 years
+k for being an idiot. :lol:
over 13 years
-k for being an idiot.
over 13 years
você posta no vt?
over 13 years
plussed for making some guy mad
deletedover 13 years
enjoy ur neg 3
deletedover 13 years
negged twice? lol good job, because I never expected to be lagging that badly you retard. we won the game so why are you so butthurt about it
deletedover 13 years
For your information I was lagging badly that entire game. neg crazy idots like you are why this game has gone bad
deletedover 13 years
+k! please return
deletedover 13 years
Surprise, Jedi Tracker wins gold!
deletedover 13 years
Jedi Tracker says: i smuggled two azn childs out of cuntry once, but i promise i have revized my ways an pikked da jan2.0
deletedover 13 years
over 13 years
+k for masoning me ;D
over 13 years
+k yay for win. good play
over 13 years
I claimed! I had to go unexpectedly, told maf to bus me. Sooooo. Nothing else i could have done there but be super scummy
over 13 years
Um, sure - out of curiosity... why? Was just trying to counteract a troll there...
over 13 years
+K to counteract Lawls' -K
over 13 years
and I care because?