Night Rush

Interceptor, yakuza, watcher and tracker are likely the key of this game...---------------------------------------------
-Yak should not yak on N1. Should just NK and wait for PR's to be claimed and people to get cleared. Or yak after ccing a PR.------------------------------------------Interceptor should intercept the nilla mafia or a high score/karma/famous person that is likely to be protected.-----------------------------------------------------------In case a tracker claims with a guilty D1, interceptor or yakuza should CC.----------------------------------------Watcher works good on the tracker, since will not get intercepted.----------------------------------------------------Town have a RL on day 1, so mafia should have fake claims set------------------------------------------------------------I hope you enjoy it and have fun!
deletedalmost 14 years
If yak doesn't yak on n1, then d1 is mylo (barring BG kill). change yak for something else; jan/witch/fool are my suggestions. Besides that, good setup.
almost 14 years
good games so far: mafia 5x6 villager