Top of the Flock
Part of the dusted 50%

I used to have interesting stuff here, but the stricter restrictions on material in profiles pretty much made all of it unusable... >_>

Credit to Tashie for the background!

I blame fearkills and colour blind people who N1 me every time for my horrid pie, as well as the fact I am physically unable to hammer correctly.

I happen to be the most famous and generally awesome Sheep on EM, but am still somehow not in the Sheep family. ;-;


Most times dead before end of D2 in a row: 49

Most times flipped mafia in a row: 14

Most different roles claimed in a single game: 14 (Reverse Mafia)

Most time spent as a Noavi: 5 weeks

Most times facepalmed in a single game: 117

Vivor games won: 4

1000 visitors! YAY!



anonymousover 9 years
I have the sheep. She has amnesia. What did you do to her?
Nothing. >_>
anonymousalmost 10 years
What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done with a sheep?
That's between me and the sheep.


4 / 20Clint Eastwood
2 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 20He's Batman
about 7 years
about 8 years
I'm back! Sort of.
over 8 years
Sheep, where did you go? :(
about 9 years
Pls no
about 9 years
Its shaving time
over 9 years
Sorry... Just microwave it for like 2 minutes and it'll be fine
over 9 years
Baaaaaa Thanks for the Happy Meal... Its cold though.
over 9 years
Yep. :D
over 9 years
Ah, I forgot about mafia again for a bit :( Still there?
over 9 years
+K so you have 10
over 9 years
What? >_>
over 9 years
<inb4 someone makes it odd again>
over 9 years
Yeah! I have some irl problems right now, but I'll try and find time for one soon. :D
over 9 years
I am back! Let's play a game together sometime
over 9 years
Aww thanks :3
deletedover 9 years
i love you sheep
over 9 years
almost 10 years
+ K for being an awesome sheep to play with;3