Mafia is in my blood; I cannot run from it forever

Most of what you see, my dear, is purely for show,

Because not everything that goes around comes back around, you know.



deletedalmost 10 years
Congrats! You were player the best player on setup the best setup fo sho.
haha thanks


13 / 20Super Sleuth!
8 / 20Clint Eastwood
5 / 25Eye of the Beholder
3 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 20He's Batman

Created Setups

about 8 years
Poor subolg, if only you could see me now. I have Gained Six Karmas since the one you gave me :)
about 9 years
+K for correcting a grammar error in my biography, much appreciated!
over 9 years
Hai bruh
over 9 years
i'm pregnant and it's yours
over 9 years
ur a scholar and a gentleman
deletedover 9 years
Well, it required a nilla solo on SK vs Mafia at the end, but ya thanks.
deletedover 9 years
Thanks dude
over 9 years
You needed a sticker. There you go. :)
over 9 years
you better not feed me after midnight
almost 10 years
You can't trophy the round after you trophy since you picked 2 setups for said round. AKA I can't trophy this round. (Which is really sad given my roundchart.)
almost 10 years
deletedalmost 10 years
Congratulations, well-deserved imo.
almost 10 years
Well done Sub! :) <3
almost 10 years
congrats on getting the trophy, you deserve it. i'm glad you were able to win after i stopped playing with you XD i'm pinkmonkey btw
almost 10 years
GO SUB!! so proud of you bby
almost 10 years
Congratulations on bronze c:
deletedalmost 10 years
yay congratulations ^____^
deletedalmost 10 years
Congratulations and welcome to the brotherhood of winners. You've earned my respect as a mafia player, and my respect is not easily won.
almost 10 years
much grats
almost 10 years
You get a trophy sir