in love with someone gone
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                               Hatsune Miku said gay rights

in my honest opinion, my previous animosity towards epicmafia and its community was valid and justified. however, after time away i don't think i really feel it any more



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hibiki more like bukkaki
anonymousabout 8 years
Hibiki more like Fubuki more like fuccboi;:;
anonymousabout 8 years
do other people from the UK use the term "yall" or is it just you?
just me lol


15 / 20Super Sleuth!
9 / 10Scumhunter
7 / 25Eye of the Beholder
7 / 25Objection!
6 / 10I'm Towntelling!
about 8 years
My violations have expired, can you unban me?
over 8 years
anime girls arent real, otaku
over 8 years
bad mod.
over 8 years
I lol'd
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Then it's even worse.
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I am in a committed relationship and soon to be a married man!!!
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(I'll respond for her) clears throat: blow me.
over 8 years
why tf u lying D:
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It's time to logout, I say.
over 8 years
your profile song is amaze
almost 9 years
**nice anime girl enjoying a refreshing piña colada
almost 9 years
I stopped doing this awhile ago when system yelled at me for talking to him in a game where he was still alive and i died, even though i was only talking about something irrelevant, but yeah it's kind of gotten out of hand with a lot of people i know (personally why i'm not really active in any group chats)
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okay then =)
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Well okay dude but I'm not talking to those PPL outside of Mafia.
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connor i'm not in any group skype chats with blister and co. so i really hope that note wasn't also applied to me
almost 9 years
Damn I thought it had to be more than half the village to mean that my bad :)
almost 9 years
i think romeo has some sort of tsundere crush on you
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Ciongrrationlations, once again. Youv'e surpassed teh mortal man and become an internet tyrant, onre more time.
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heyyyy what's up me not been on for a while