You have a soul I want to bind

my old discord is ded

long live my new discord:


anonymousabout 6 years
can u congratulate me on winning gold ty
deletedover 6 years
Sky is my alt
witch you
anonymousover 6 years
sky is alt of charley
witch sky


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
10 / 10Scumhunter
11 / 30Oxyclean
10 / 25Objection!
10 / 25Eye of the Beholder
deletedover 5 years
anime king
deletedalmost 6 years
Good/cool player :)
deletedalmost 6 years
So people can’t annoy me
almost 6 years
yea. i do
about 6 years
My conscience is clear.
over 6 years
how could you do that to him? >:(
over 6 years
i must ask before accepting, what have you done to that innocent bear?
over 6 years
i also like teddy bears
over 6 years
i wonder the same thing. how the hell have you not heard alan walker?

seems you loved the song so much you now have it as your pro song. niice
deletedover 6 years
Like seriously you need a new and cute bunny avi
over 6 years
lmfao ur good
over 6 years
like comment + subscribe
deletedover 6 years
Leave your family and join the BUNNY TOSS TEAM
over 6 years
yes i am physically [not so much mentally]
deletedabout 8 years
i've won the rest, twice each, so i wanted something new for my collection this time ;]
deletedabout 8 years
congrats on the trophy friend

about 8 years
dat silver~
deletedabout 8 years
about 8 years
We won that game where we died as masons n1! hahaha