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deletedabout 8 years
But... Taiwan is numba wan.
fact check please. taiwan is province, china is country
over 8 years
why are you saying taiwan is a chinese province, shouldn't it be called chinese taipei? got him ladz...
Taibei is a city within the Province of Taiwan, People's Republic of China. Chinese Ta
deletedover 8 years
probably nsfw.
anonymousover 8 years
Taiwan is the 23rd province of China and doesn't need to be freed.
anonymousover 8 years
that's why fucked your bitch you fat motherfucker
calm down man thats not a question


20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
11 / 20Do No Harm
10 / 25Explosion!
8 / 20He's Batman
over 7 years
I sui4rui every day
over 7 years
Daily reminder Taiwan does not belong to the PRC but the ROC.
over 7 years
ruiyang you are so cool have fun while being away =)
over 7 years
Ruiyang, I hope everything ends in your favor.. even though it's tough right now I believe that you will plow through the problems.

Don't forget to take pictures!!!!
Take care, and stay optimistic. (:
over 7 years
I'll save myself for you
over 7 years
我的肚子疼, uh.... send me medicine. [ I forgot how to say it]
over 7 years
hello my love !
over 7 years
You better be celebrating today!
>You should join the Snake Tourney<
over 7 years
over 7 years
over 7 years
HAPPY BIRHDAY!!!!!!! (":
[I'm the only fukker here to wish you blessings]
over 7 years

Happy Early Birthday ^_^
I hope life turns in your favor..
over 7 years
您好, 你是很忙最近。。我希望你做得很好 (:

Daily drop by and refreshing my memory!
[I think I'm too formal]
over 7 years
that is a lewd avi

over 7 years
change it Back
deletedover 7 years
Omg Ruiyang, new avi.

Also, sui4rui.
over 7 years
That icon change :"(
over 7 years
nice new icon !
over 7 years
hey stove. long time no see. please play sandbox with me!
over 7 years
you didn't go on my page to +k me