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anonymousover 5 years
someone told me that i have a crush on you so now you have a crushon me and i think i like u now
who is this :)
anonymousover 5 years
what do you think of DRUMPF?
bad guy
over 5 years
people take this website too seriously. your pic is funny. and yes me being in love with you "speaks a lot" it means I have intelligence and people can't keep my name out of their mouth. Shame. That said person stalks us so they will see this. LOL
lucid banned me from forum/comments because i made that thread about caps lock lol
almost 6 years
Do I get a bday party invite? :)
Yes but only if you bring presents!
over 6 years
What's your favourite Zizek quote?
``We feel free because we lack the very language to articulate our unfreedom."


20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20He's Batman
15 / 15New Sheriff in Town
10 / 10Scumhunter
over 7 years
hey babe
over 7 years
+K you're a tru bro
over 7 years
+k pal
deletedover 7 years
over 7 years
how dare you
over 7 years
Welcome to my favorite persons list on my page!
over 7 years
these hoes aint loyal bobby
deletedover 7 years
Deletion isn't going to bring your pic back to visibility my friend
over 7 years
> creates a family
> gets on leaderboard in 24 hours

mason confirmed
over 7 years
over 7 years
no it wasnt a stick n poke it was digging into my skin for like 15 mins!!!!!!
over 7 years
punks are pussies
deletedover 7 years
I must refuse the proposition as I'm an underaged animal.
over 7 years
+k for confusing background
over 7 years
I'm not good enough for you guys
over 7 years
omg i want to be a punk
over 7 years
You've got a good cover too! +k
deletedover 7 years
yes pls
deletedover 7 years
69 - 18 = 16
deletedover 7 years
unfortunately, I do not meet the requirements to be in your family (age)