20 / 20Super Sleuth!
13 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
11 / 20Do No Harm
4 / 10Gotcha!
1 / 20Lucky Kiss!
over 11 years
nicee. I was born here, in new york. my mother was born in barranquilla!
deletedover 11 years
+k'd, return? xo.
over 11 years
ty:) and lol! btw, do you really live there? I'm half colombian but have never been.
over 11 years
plussed you..and I think you spelled argentina wrong lol
over 11 years
+K to 1. :)
over 11 years
*hands you a cookie* <3
over 11 years
+k'ed(: return? <3
over 11 years
+k sorry for not jointing, but it was only unranked. next ranked? i'll joint your butt off!
almost 12 years
you played exceptionally well for being new. i enjoyed seeing you evolve throughout the game and i hope you keep getting better! see you around bud. ps. i'd plus you if you had 10 games played.