Amman, Jordan

Too smart for ya!


9 / 20Super Sleuth!
4 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 10Gotcha!
1 / 25Household Homicide!
about 12 years
Fiddz where the hell have you been?
deletedabout 12 years
Don't join a ranked game if you think you won't have time to finish it. Doing this ruins the game for those trying to play.
about 12 years
lol you two, I +k'd you btw =]]
about 12 years
looooooooool love u bro...i back off :D she is yours,take care of my love
about 12 years
+k ed u ;) my enemy :D
about 12 years
No guys, it wouldnt have mattered, bcoz we thought the real cop was janned, and he had a guilty report on an inno person, whom I townread on and didnt lynch, I lead on a mafia lynch instead and i was correct.
so all my desisions were correct that game, I was the only cear and i was leading, so i had to be exactly sure wether i can trust him or not.
Finally, even if I didnt drunk him, they would kill the guilty report who is actually a framed inno, and autolose for town both ways.
deletedabout 12 years
Fiddz, I will say, and not that I'm some authority, but you should have stopped at the first time of drunking the cop since you should have figured out you'd be killed that night. Thus leaving town without a report if he WERE real. If he WAS maff, you definitely would be killed.
about 12 years
U rock too :D
deletedabout 12 years
Dominated as Maf. xo