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Hey My name is Jill. Just Jill this time. And ummm my brother's name is Ryan. He sometimes plays to annoy me. I also have a half sister who plays her name is TheDutchess. I deleted this account and now came back sooo if anyone wants to friend me who remembers me plz do because i feel so forever alone right now. in my other user (the one i deleted) i had a HUGE BIO. this time probably not. it takes to long. BUT. If u want me to do that friend list thing again i will. Just ask. ;D

Hey If u want to be cool, Go to happy people! I'm part of that family it's a rly cool family and they are rly nice!

Warning to you guys right now, I suck at proving that I'm either maf or villager. So don't get mad just trust me that I'm having fun and not just doing this for getting other ppl mad. (did that make sense?)

People you should look up to:

Ilovebriipod: Uhh Duh that's me!

Ravensbbal: Uhh duh that's the founder of Happy People

TheDutchess: Uhh duh that's my sister (half sister :P)

All the members of Happy People: They make the family complete!

HEY MY EMAIL IS !!!!! (but don't click on the link it leads u back to my page

> Don't even Blink.



2 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 10Gotcha!
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 20Super Sleuth!
1 / 10I'm Batman.
deletedover 11 years
You're on my friends list, so +K for you!
over 11 years
<><><><><><><><><><>Happy Halloween!<><><><><><><><><><>
over 11 years
+k'd :)
almost 12 years
Still waiting for you to leave so I can reinvite you :S Where have you been? Not seen you online in days! :(
almost 12 years
"Wait, whats happening" <-- we are moving xD I have remade the family as we were currently stuck in a dilemma, with an inactive player appointed as leader, meaning nothing would happen in terms or inviting new players and removing inactive players, thus I have rebooted the family, let me know if you want to rejoin :)
about 12 years
+k'ed from 4 to 5 karma you can give karma to other players when you get 2000 points.
about 12 years
Join aim with your gmail account and then add me. My aim's on my account xD
about 12 years
Thanks for adding! +Kd you
about 12 years
+Ked to my baby :) Oh and since your now part of the fam again, you need to edit your profile :P
deletedabout 12 years
Plussed bby ♥
about 12 years
Awh Thanks!!!♡ ♡ ♡
about 12 years
Hey I can actually invite! :D Give me 2 days and we should be good to go :)
about 12 years
JILL!!!!!!!!!!! hi. Bleh♡ You need to join the family somehow!!!!!! I missed you!!!♡ I barely know~~ LOL. But i here alot of good things about you. And when i joined the family. you were there for a while and then left.. ; - ; Bleeeh that kinda made the family less fun D; But yea~~ i kinda just wanted to say hi to you. sooooo. HI!!!!!♡ I love you (btwiloveeveryone♡)
about 12 years
dr. who fan gets +k :)))
about 12 years
Hello dere :3
about 12 years
You should add us on facebook, also like the fam page - cause you will forever be part of us! :)
about 12 years
Hey guys u know now that i left for a retarded reason. but know im back! So Plz comment so i remember your alive!
about 12 years
OMFG! Ur back?! :O I missed you so much my dear T_T Goddamit, the familys full but I want to add you back... What do I do?! :(
about 12 years
omg! what happened?