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almost 10 years
OMG, the Hawaiian Chickens w/ Rice are to die for! Only the place in Del City, OK with the green roof serves the best (forget the rest!)! Yes, I gotta include the Poodle. He will have some leftover after I am done. LETS CHOW!!!
RIP in peace
about 10 years
Yum yum yum?
almost 11 years
lol Pogo good
i can only dream
anonymousabout 11 years
I heard you had anal sex with a cactus. Confirm/deny?
anonymousabout 11 years
I've had a crush on you ever since a long time. I know you don't play anymore, but when you did play I remember you were really good. Like Pogo good. Anyway, would you ever date someone online?
i'm only into donkeys sorry

Created Setups

about 6 years
Hey ducky
over 7 years
almost 8 years
play em with me ;~;
almost 8 years
So I'll tell you guys why I like this set up. Day One: There is no way I'm going to be random lynched. Night One: Usually if mafia has any class they will not night kill me because I'm trophy running. Day Two: Cop claims (I usually force cop to claim) and usually has squat but at least he dies tonight instead of me. Night 2: Cop dies because if mafia kills me then town auto wins. Day 3: 3 way lylo rapage. I'm 7/8 in 3 way lylo for the last 8 games. I eat that stuff for breakfast.
about 8 years
Ah, the tears :(
almost 9 years
6 months late yet still on time. You jester, you.
over 9 years
lmfao "Pogo good"? i don't think so ;P
over 9 years
DANG,,,, THAT PICTURE POCKY. That was the run duckhunter sabotaged for me. Memoriess... my avi pic was sooooooo cute.
over 9 years
almost 10 years
lol pic of your first trophy run
almost 10 years
thanks for playing with me!!! ^__^
almost 10 years
Yeah... she emailed me and a couple of em players... I thought you had something to do with it lol. I think she got hacked, but still doesn't explain why my email address was known...
about 10 years
because im assuming she emailed u 2
about 10 years
what's up
about 10 years
I don't care about the game. You know damn well this isn't about the game to me anymore. This is about you bitching and moaning. LET IT GO FOR FUCKS SAKE. You have to have some other things to do in your life. Go outside or something.
about 10 years
how does annie have my email address???!?
about 10 years
You had (have?) strange compulsions.
about 10 years
You almost never post on the forums, moving on.

For as old a player as you are, you don't seem to have gotten much better. You seem to also lose the spark to compete against people that cc you, something that is very annoying when you're on my team as mafia. You're competent as town, but you don't have much leadership, so things seem to get ran around you. Work on stepping up to the plate, and get noticed a bit more.
about 10 years
y r u in love with urself u fag
over 10 years
RIP sunstorm