Rainbow ;)
part of  family

♫Dance like no one is watching, Sing like no one is listening, Love like you've never been hurt.☮

I am bisexual <3

Hey my name is Jamie! Im nice, shy, sensitive and open minded. I have green eyes and light brown hair. I love to dance and I love music! Techno is my favorite. I love art and good conversations. I like women more than men. Women make me really nervous though but they understand me more. I just feel more passionate towards them. Don't worry if ur straight ladies i wont hit on you if you tell me not to haha ;) I don't have a computer anymore so i will only be on here a lot!

I have a 69 in my name just so you can make of me and be jealous hahha haters makke ya FAMOUS!! <3

When i apologize to you, if i was in the wrong or made a mistake, I would like for you to be grown up about it and accept it :)

I love you all and don't be a stranger <3

Everyone always ask me if im a real girl and yes i am add me on facebook :) See girls do play on the internet to.


Also ask me anything you want secretly- it wont show ur name-



Peace & Love ;)



over 10 years
would you email me your number? =P
I don't have a cell :( You can write me on my email or anytime on here though :)
anonymousalmost 11 years
If you could meet someone on EM, who would it be and what would you do with them?
Not tellin :) It would be cool to meet a couple people on here and hang out though.
anonymousabout 11 years
Is there anyone on epicmafia that you want to be with?
Maybe <3
over 10 years
;-; fairryyyy
almost 11 years
Wait you mean you didnt suck before? I have wasted my flirting time...... I mean....erm oh you mean you aint good anymore :P
almost 11 years
we need more ways to contact each other D=
almost 11 years
hehe you know I love you the most <3 =3
almost 11 years
fairyyyyy where rrrrr uuuuu ;-;
almost 11 years
Yeah it isnt at all, now it is a shithole. Im not playing in training anymore so :P
about 11 years
I am a stranger.
about 11 years
fairyy ;-;
over 11 years
fairy ;-;
about 12 years
fairy I miss you so much ;-;
over 12 years
fairy D=
over 12 years
fairy <333
over 12 years
-poke- where have you been D= <3
over 12 years
Thanks! :) <33 *gives cookie*
over 12 years
OMFG!!!!!! :D :D :D FINALLY IN MY FAMILY AGAIN!!! :D YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
over 12 years
fairyyyy where have you been D=
over 12 years
waiiitttt..... have you joined yet? meh - still plussed for being cool enough to get an invite to the family xD If Penguin approves of ya you must be nice :)
over 12 years
+k for being in the awesomest fan ever! xD
over 12 years
I er...... freed up a spot for you again.... lol. :)
over 12 years
yo where have you been