We're all gonna die.
European Vegas
married to 
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about 9 years
gay song
about 9 years
why did i get reported 3 times because i'm not good at this game
you didnt get vios, so the reports were meaningless
anonymousover 9 years
over 9 years
Do you ever play forum mafia? I found your account on a forum mafia site but it looks like you've never played.
I have never, but I did recently sign up for one. I'll have to try it out some time!
over 9 years
why is fancypants called fancypants?
idk ask this guy https://epicmafia.com/user/188417#/


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20Do No Harm
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
10 / 10Governator!
9 / 25Eye of the Beholder
almost 7 years
hey seck-see
about 7 years
still <3 u
over 7 years
hey i just want you to know that i voted for obama
over 7 years
in 3 weeks everybody is going to think i'm older than u so u better come back
almost 8 years
Katie 51mon 16d
Hey thanks, +k'd to 4 which is coincidentally my lucky number! :3
about 8 years
hiiiiii :)
over 8 years
Jasprar 47mon 4h
...how have i not heard of modest mouse before? THEYRE FREAKING AWESOME. and i know dazel will reply to this cause he's a massive hipster and be all like "i knew about modest mouse before they were formed" but he's also a bit gay. shh dont tell anyone i told you that ;)
over 8 years
Miss ye

Forgot to +K
over 8 years
we're all gonna die
over 8 years
Yo, I'd love to play EM with you guys again, is there a time you all play?
over 8 years
not enough tho
over 8 years
pleas put ur willy in my bum
over 8 years
It's been 1 year since I applied for a moderating position and you banned me!!
Come back you egg.
deletedover 8 years
happy birthday dicksniffer
over 8 years
almost 9 years
miss u
almost 9 years
o sh Light watches The 100. That show is amazing
about 9 years
smooches u
about 9 years
That character on The 100 reminds me of you. His name is Jasper! How you been dude?
about 9 years
you are still my true love