I miss everybody
in love with 
part of  family

July 31 2015 - to all the people I used to know and play with, pm me. let's chat

"Don't believe in the me that believes in you, and don't believe in the you that believes in me. believe in the you that believes in you"

Thank you Raccoon for this beautiful poem. :) Although I wish you didn't leave your faith.

A poem for piecelover: "Carefree"

It really isn't hard to leave what you so hard fought for

To break away when all things come crumbling down

I leave things every day; I don't care anymore

I left school, I left work, and I left the town.

I stopped going to church, I left God too

But even so, I think I still have a soul

You won't see me Sunday sitting at a pew

But for now I still feel completely whole.

I even left my family, they gave no cause to worry

I think I even forgot to kiss my dog farewell

I sure did leave them in a hurry

But that doesn't mean I'm going to end up in Hell.


It really isn't hard to leave what you so hard fought for

At least that's what I tell myself when these regrets I can't ignore

These regrets for having to leave Piecelover

Even when I knew I'd never recover.

  • Raccoon


over 9 years
hiii . hiiii .
hi sweet cakes
anonymousover 10 years
i heard u ride many penises
almost 11 years
you know which one
im not a mind reader boy!
almost 11 years
did that white guy fuck you good?
which one?
anonymousalmost 11 years
you're hawt


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over 5 years
Happy holidays!! :D
over 5 years
almost 7 years
The town is under attack and the sheriff was murdered. Can the surviving deputy maintain his sanity or be gone astray? A suicidal town explode in a nearby hospital allowing a psychotic patient to escape. What will come of the town?<br/>____________________________________________<br/>Insane Cop - After being distraught with the loss of the Sheriff, the investigations was misled with emotions. The cop can choose to out the guilty report day one or remain silent. The Drunk is also in play regarding the cop's decision to out report or not.
about 7 years
hey turd
over 7 years
The return of kittenz
almost 8 years
just going ham
about 8 years
:) :( :O
about 8 years
happy presidents day bb!
over 8 years
The only thing I learned from you was not to try to occupy someone's time when they're infatuated with someone else.
deletedover 8 years
hey girl
over 8 years
You left me for the brown man :(
over 8 years
its always important to know your friends' birthdays
over 8 years
ya too much free time XDD
over 8 years
I miss kittenz :[<3 also never realized your avi was elfen lied x.x
over 8 years
heyyyy omg you were piecelover??? that's so crazy I still remember the green grandmother avi hahahah... hope things are well!!
over 8 years
I miss you even though you never loved me :(
over 8 years
what day is your birthday?
over 9 years
It's cuz you're a memorable girl yo