I'm back bitches
From OH, in SC
part of  family


Time for my -check in every 3 years- thing.

Man this shit is dead huh.



4 / 20Super Sleuth!
3 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 25Explosion!
1 / 20He's Batman

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over 8 years
okay so I came over here from facebook mafia before it got shut down.
over 8 years
over 8 years
Hey big b!tch.
over 8 years
Returned the k :D
over 8 years
Well hello there, long time
over 8 years
over 8 years
That's awesome to hear about your little one. :D
over 8 years
I am glad to see you back! You know the old FB people were always the best.

Nursing is good. Can't complain.

I can't believe you got married and HAD A KID! How is that?
over 8 years
hello fellow old person. Welcome back to EM.
over 8 years
hi breeder ily2
about 11 years
the fuck happened to this
deletedover 11 years
oh hi I remember you
over 11 years
oh hi
over 11 years
LOL. love you jess. <3
almost 12 years
almost 12 years
all right it's still not calm im choking it
about 12 years
i'm going to hit that dog if it doesn't calm the fuck down
over 12 years
i don't really keep up with the times much on EM anymore. :( Just got back from indianapolis. wewt
over 12 years
you changed your name to jessa from jesswhite... lol.
deletedover 12 years
hi! I hope you get out of your ipad okay.