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Love y'all <3

90% of the time I'm playing, it isn't me. Same for posting. Goddamn aliens.



Seriously child, come to terms with your ailment! We are here to help you deal with all your problems...such that you have many!

What problems?! I have no problems! Other than the gdamn fucking aliens that keep taking over! YOU ARE THE ONE WITH PROBLEMS, KAY?

Dear stupid girl--accept your disorder. The sooner the acceptance begins, the sooner you will heal.

Dear alien -- I refuse to accept what I do not have. I strongly believe that the only issue in my life are the damned aliens. Begone foul creatures and plague me no longer!

Begone foul creatures and plague me no longer?? Did you recently have to read a Shakespeare play? BTW, you really need to see a psychiatrist if you wish to get rid of the problem. Or you should be taking your meds more often.

Hahahah, I watched pride & prejudice which I ADORE. HEY HEY, imma be one in 5 yrs! I can just see myself! GOSH. Where is your desi cheapness yaar?!

I have expensive taste.

I am disappointed.

What right did I give you to be disappointed!


Duuuuuude, you SUCK!

You suck MORE!

Anything you can do I can do bettttttteeeeerrrrr, I can do anything bettttttteeeeerrrrr then yoooooouuuuu!

Gj successfully sounding like a 5 year old whiny brat! You must be so proud!

I don't sound like a whiny brat, tyvm. But I know for a fact you are one!

iPads suck.

Uh huh, whatever you say beyotch. You know damn well you are a whiny brat!

Omfg now two of you are ganging up on me...kiss my fabulous ass!

LOL FABULOUS ASS. You wish, bitch.

It's true! This ass is off the chain! You are just jealous.


UGH! You are such a dishonor..a dishonor to you, a dishonor to me. ALL BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SPELL. :(

Should I join in on the fun?

Back off...BITCH! This is my fight..TO THE END!!!

Wow ok. I was gonna take your side but whatever. Sorry for ruining the flow of conversation then.

Do you even know who is speaking? And whose side was it going to be? Give a name, mysterious new personality..

I know not your name. Only an old alias you once went by. And not your side anymore you asshole.

Oh you break my heart...noooo! And I think I know the name of this alias that speaks to meeeeeee! :)

Yes, I imagine you do. Also, you had it coming.

Did not..you always loved Hira more then me..

Yeah but I was gonna take your side so I didn't seem biased or anything. But yeah, forget it.

Whut is this.

We really need to start putting like "H: " and stuff at the start of our paragraphs. Shit's gonna get out of control.

It use to be more obv :/. Oh well let the tri personality disorder continue!

I heard over half of people diagnosed with MPD have at least 10 personalities. 3 is weak.

There are several other personalities that I know of.. You were one that was unaware of, but are obv more prevalent then the others.

Can I make it 4?

Identify yourself, number 4.

I am sorry, I am not allowed to give you that information.

Guess we will be communicating by numbers then. Number 4 is a bitch.

Number 3 is a boss.

It's already been said that number 3 needs a lot of help..the psychiatric kind...

So does 2 tbh. I think we all need help.

That was not number 2 who made the psychiatric comment. I was at work.

See. Wasn't me who deleted crap. It was the other one of you two gypsy's. Love 3.


Aw, you two lovebirds are adorable!

Are you talking about 1&3??

J, do you mind playing a few games this round as I don't think I'll be able to play all of them. Today I'll only be able to play about 2 or 3 if you can play 2 at least..that would be awesome.

Eww...ok. Sorry for accidentally leaving you in a game. Computer froze lol.

It happens. Anyways...thank you.

Didn't end up playing that last game we were in...troll joined so I bailed.

Kk..I'll play tonight.


J or H can either of you do 2 or 3 games today -2

I'll do one when I get home from school. I'll make J do two as well. :]

No dice, it's up to you H!


How about I play some games? -5

Uh, so I may have missed the ding and accidentally vegged. Don't kill me!):

This is why you don't have trophies.

Notice the position we currently are in :P

Sorry...pretty sure I kicked you out...but fear not, I am awesome and brought you to victory!

You? Awesome? Hahahaha!

That's it, instead of winning your games, I am trolling them next time...which is why I just lost the last one you ditched...I was trolling...yeah, let's go with that!

Can someone put a leash on M? She joins my games and trolls them.

Can I just kill M? :3

You wouldn't do it. You're scared. The old H woulda done it.

You bitches can't do anything to ze great M!

Challenge Accepted!

How long has it been since you accepted the challenge? And you still have done nothing! THAT'S RIGHT! YOU'RE ALL TALK!

Shut you up for a good week, didn't I?

You are soooo jealous, tis not even funny!

Jealous? I'm outta here.

Pretty sure no one will miss you :). Good riddance!

No one asked for you back.

No one asked for who back?

Can I have my sanity back?

NO. You shall never receive it back!

You're such a bitch.

Babe, I've always been a bitch. Most people know that as soon as they meet me :)

If only I knew before I gave you my pw. Worst mistake ever, you crazy sob.

none of this is amusing in the least refine your humour guys

Refine your own humor.

Omg no, I love this profile so much. It's hiralarious.. forreals.

This is the worlds longest profile probably besides Flippy's...

HAHHAHA. We should make this one the longest then <3 & def the most hiralarious. (:

Have you ever seen community? You are reminding me of Chang who tries to continually use his name as a pun...

I was going to try doing a Chang one but idk any. HAHAH. You know you love me, don't lie. :P

You need to Chang your attitude in order to be able to do a chang. And love is too strong of a word, as may like be ;)

HAHHAHAHA, OKAY THAT ONE IS PRETTY FUNNY. & stfu meanie. Also on a totally random note.. we should steal avvies mna style. hehehe.

We could, it would have to be random as of right now. It's been awhile since I've stolen avis.

Bahahah, let's steal sly's. :3

You can do the honors

Heheh, okayy.

All right, I did it since you are too lazy. :P


...you love the idea of me. You do not love me.


See...where is your love there when you insinuate that I'm telling lies? Hmm??




Hira, I've always known you to make weird sounds in bed..but roleplaying as a cow....that's a bit of a stretch even for you!

Wow man. Don't be jealous of my deliciousness. You want my fabulous ass, don't lie.

First of all, I'm not a man BIATCH. And I really don't wanna get love drunk off your hump..

Oh hells naw, you fat bitch. Don't talk to me like that. Take yo shitty attitude somewhere else, aight? And I wouldn't let you have these humps anyway, you ho.

You are calling me ho?? The girl who has how many ex-husbands?? 26? Biatch...you aint got no room to talk! snaps fingers

At least 26 men agreed to be married to me! You can't even get a boyfriend, let alone a husband. So fuck off, you jealous asshole!

I'm a lesbian..obviously I never had any boyfriends....that doesn't take away the fact that you are a whore!

Astaghfirullah! You're going to jahanum, you vagina loving sinner!

Well that goes to show you who actually is on fire, babe! ...It was sooooo obvious that I have always been the hotter one ;)

Uh, puhlease. The only reason you're on fire is because of hellfire -- I think I'll pass on that, thanks. Have fun being burned to death painfully for oh, you know, forever.

The pain...will be oooh so pleasurable! BTW, I think I am turning into a goth... And this profile is becoming DARK reallllllllly quickly, man. Oh GUESS WHO I SAW TODAY!

LMAO, I know right? Also, pleasurable pain? Wtf is this, 50 Shades of Gray? Disgusting. Also, WHO DID YOU SEE?

...like duh! You're the protagonist of the book! AND I SAW JOHNNY DEPP!!!

I think I'm in love...

I miss you ):


Damn you mothafucking piece of shit.

You are a POS? Damn never thought you would admit to it..

Oh goodness, you swear as if you're actually witty and original. Please. That's so 2002. Get with the times, homes.

How old are you again?

4!! (:

What a mini biatch...


What chu laughing about now?? The fact you married Rondar?

EY. LISTEN. I love me some Rondar. He's a cutie patootie. ):



anonymousover 10 years
Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak to you too...belated!
anonymousalmost 11 years
Are you gay?
anonymousabout 11 years
did you know that sgr's name means Esse Gay Ass Raaizer?
Regardless of the meaning of his name, he really is a rather lovely person :)
deletedover 11 years
Why u so pedo?
bro, you asked me to marry you. ): i'm the victim here!
over 11 years
y r u so stinkin cute?
because i am calvin in disguise!


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
10 / 10Scumhunter
4 / 25Explosion!
3 / 25Objection!
2 / 20Do No Harm
almost 5 years
This is beautiful... +k :>
almost 5 years
Cheers friend! Hope you're well :D
about 5 years
Same honestly, life is going pretty damn well! Stay rad hira!
about 5 years
Damn, now that's a name I haven't seen in AGES. Hows life?
about 8 years
hey stranger
deletedabout 8 years
also looks like lucid reset ur pass
deletedabout 8 years
lmao, wth
deletedabout 8 years
white or yq
deletedabout 8 years
about 8 years
god this profile is such a turd
over 9 years
hira is a lozr
deletedover 9 years
deletedover 9 years
u been lost him *** back off
deletedover 9 years
im tay btw <3
almost 10 years
<3 <3
almost 10 years
Who else would be as hot as me in pics please? and have this avi :D hello hello long time no see
almost 10 years
Id agree not having me in ur life would suck lol :p xx
almost 10 years
Idk lol
almost 10 years
thx dawg
deletedalmost 10 years
I don't even have your number or gtalk!