NYU Hayden

Main: Rizakor

Alts: Rizakoru, Rizakorx, Rizakora, XRizakor, Gagaoohlalaa

First and foremost, I'm a Break Dancer. Bboy Rizakor, repping' NYC and Ravaged Soil Crew.

I like to talk A LOT, and try out different methods/strategies.

I type fast, which is a nice way to guise test me. Just ask me questions, and see how long it takes me to answer. :P

I like people that really try hard to win, and are striving to become better at this game.

I LOVE Psychology, and I use it every day, inside and outside of this game. Actually, I love this game so much because there's so much Psychology involved.

I also like getting to know people on EM, and talking to them outside of this game. I feel a lot of really interesting/intellectual people play this game, and so far it's proven true.

If you wanna friend request me, please do it to my main.

Oh, and I neg/report ALL suiciders/gamethrowers. Suck it.

Guise test: Ask me how I made up my username. Then ask me for proof, 'cause I got some.


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
10 / 20Do No Harm
9 / 10Scumhunter
4 / 20He's Batman
3 / 25Explosion!
deletedover 8 years
deletedover 8 years
deletedover 8 years
+k ...kawaii is still here~
almost 9 years
Rarely hahaha.
about 12 years
You did a pretty good job even though I suspected you at first. Keep it up. +k'd
deletedabout 12 years
here's a tip: don't cc the obvious gov and then neg me when i hammer on the person who has been scummier than anyone the entire time
over 12 years
You suck such monstrous asshole that I hope you die of asphyxiation from how much asshole you suck. Please do us all a favor and kill yourself as quickly and painfully as possible as you can in real life, although I am under the assumption that you are even capable of simple life functions such as breathing and shitting, ironic given how much you actually suck shit. You stupid fucking cunt.
over 12 years
Wow, everyone thought I was blue. But it's been fun playing with you, esp triggering the fake bus +k
over 12 years
dang u have a lot of alts. +k'd for a decent maf game
over 12 years
+k i'm sorry ._.
over 12 years
i am so sorry for voting you. it was my fault we lost. forgive me.
almost 13 years
I don't care if you got it wrong on the cop cc, you used good logic. +K for playing a good game, even if it didn't turn out your way.
almost 13 years
Great control over the game with cop dead. +Ked
almost 13 years
+K. read more about psych experiments though :D
almost 13 years
+ K :) for being uber cool and an awesome intellect
almost 13 years
+k'd for being the only person in the game that was actually thinking and not spamming "LYNCH BETWEEN COPS, OMG, I'M A FUCKING AUTOMATON".
almost 13 years
my computer was lagging and eventually crashed. i came back, quickly reread, but whatever new texts were currently being typed were not showing up so i was typing in whatever i could. i couldn't vote due to the lag. and fmpov, your vote wasn't up either so to me it looked like i had more time which is why i kept typing, explaining the lag. i never saw my own text come up so i couldn't tell whether or not you guys were getting it. i don't understand why i'm being reported for something i couldn't help. if you read my profile, i mention towards the end of it that my computer has problems and i never intentionally veg/suicide. i'm not a sore loser - otherwise i'd be a hypocrite. =/
almost 13 years
Help stop moderator abuse by commenting on lucid's profile to ban GaryOak! I was banned from games and forums for simply saying that GaryOak is an abusive moderator!
deletedalmost 13 years
I has no more hearts! =[ But you need to explain that to me farther... because i still dont get it.
almost 13 years
+k for good townie