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Hey , wassup?

if you + and -k just tell me... thanks

best sandbox game ever <3

http://www.epicmafia.com/game/645513 http://www.epicmafia.com/game/679055 http://www.epicmafia.com/game/785939

http://www.epicmafia.com/game/694611 (I shot the two WW and thief <3)

http://www.epicmafia.com/game/736363 (totally awesome)

http://www.epicmafia.com/game/785936 (totally fool)

http://www.epicmafia.com/game/790444 (Cultists rule at the end)

almost 12 years
almost 12 years
Pssst, next time I see you I'm interrogating you jsyk.
about 12 years
Hey, you there, yea you, Join one of my games sometime D:
over 12 years
Wow, youre like never on ): I almost forgot about you until you joined my game this morning! D: And then you didnt join the remake ):
over 12 years
http://www.epicmafia.com/role/789 please support my icon !
over 12 years
Woah, woah, woah I havent said something here?!!? Wtf???? well Now I have..

Hiya!! (:
over 12 years
+K for cool player. ^^
over 12 years
thanks guys....
over 12 years
Ohai :)
deletedover 12 years
oh plussed
over 12 years
+k for you C:
over 12 years
+K for you, old pal.