Im a nerd.
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I'm awesome.


20 / 20He's Batman
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
17 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
14 / 20Do No Harm
10 / 20Clint Eastwood
almost 8 years
He's just so cute, but main reason I don't like pikachu is because in the show they always let pikachu beat him for some stupid reason and he's not fat anymore lol.
almost 8 years
Raichu is one of my faves btw, nice choice!
almost 8 years
Pika and Rai are the greatest Pokemon. IJS.
almost 8 years
almost 8 years
Whats stopping you LOL
almost 8 years
*watches you*
about 8 years
over 12 years
LOOOOOOOL it was much better before now its all messed up.
over 12 years
dont worry i was here for a long time :X youll catch up ;D
over 12 years
haii im youre 100th k <3 i feel so special :3
over 12 years
See ya dude, you have been so awesome on this game. You and you're alt. We have been friends for so long and if you ever get the chance to add me on skype I'll PM you my username.
over 12 years
I like EM a lot but I agree. I feel like every action I do that is fun has a consequence. And I always am nervous because of the past. We should find something similar but new.
over 12 years
Btw why the fuck are you quitting?
over 12 years
Lol, did you even get a gun that game? BTW we fucking won, I pulled a win out of my ass hahaha.
over 12 years
I don't know if i should keep Mime... I was thinking maybe change it to the old name I used to have, or Goat, Sheep, Fury, Lamp idk?
over 12 years
Hey dude I'm thinking of changing my name again :D If you think it should stay as Mime, or a different name suggestion tell me. I'm trying to get a good name then keep it so i can be remembered
over 12 years
You make it cause im glitched and cant make one.
over 12 years
We should make a family called 'Bromance' and have only you and me in it lol :D tell me what you think..
over 12 years
Fuck that. Take me off avoid killing and make a new list

~ People I will Never Fucking Kill Ever ~
1. Mime
over 12 years
~People I avoid killing~

1. KiyokuxRawr
2. TheFuture
3. IcyWinds
4. baloman
5. Mime

ugh #5? Lol jking