If I feel like it, I can be nice and a good player. If I feel like it, I can also be a douche. It depends on my mood. Sorry! also plz tell me why you -K or +K me. I mean, I prob know why already but oh well. Also if its not ranked, im not trying hard so don't get butt hurt. No I am not the real Tom Cruise nor am I trying to be so stop asking....I just think he is an interesting fellow.

over 12 years
You were punished because you got lynched, not because your side lost. If you are going to try fakeclaiming, then you can't get lynched or get a cc lynched or you can be reported. Also, claiming doctor for no reason can be gamethrowing since its outting roles for no reason.
deletedover 12 years
+k please return
over 12 years
Fakeclaiming is against the rules. We are supposed to punish for most games where someone fakeclaims. Generally, fakeclaiming is done with trolly intentions to mess with everybody and to cause as much confusion as possible, which is not the point of the game. And for the record, fakeclaiming cop is fairly useless and is a waste of time. All you do is make the day take longer and confuse town. Fakeclaiming doc is what you got punished for, since you had no reason to claim doc (and potentially out real doctor).
over 12 years
+k to you too, hahah. awesome maf buddy ftw!
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almost 13 years
almost 13 years
Sorry people from last game, my comp kept freezing
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sorry, should have believed ya
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nice game tom :)