Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk


The best ( and only ) meme thread on the site!

I like making memes / posting them to give everyone a smile :)

I'm sometimes busy with " important " stuff so sorry if I don't reply.

I'm from Belgium so our timezones are very different.

Nobody has 100 % winrate...

Sorry if you lose cuz of me <3

So don't spam me or else!

Also I'm better then all the mods :o

Please don't be toxic, if you feel bad don't do stuff you'll regret, just take a little break <3

Things I love:

  • Anime
  • Making memes
  • Mentoring
  • Playing this game ( otherwise I wouldn't be here lolz )
  • Having a great time with everyone

If you've got stuff on your mind feel free to talk with me about it.

Thanks for all the support I'm getting, It's you guys that make me who I am today!

A +k is always nice :D