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This is the cringiest thing ever but i laugh too so im not changing this.

This is how you sheriff boys

Alright the start of the best survivor series ever.

First ever winner of the season one survivor game 1 2011- MicheleBachman.

Winner of season 1 of my survivor game 2 series- Fahrvergnugen

Winner of season 1 survivor game 3 is game series- Matt141

Winner of first ever survivor saturday- Nicolas

Winner of season 1 survivor game series is.......Sunsclicer2

Winner of season 1 series 5: Blade12344! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damon here! Hows it going world?

Real Bio- FYI No. My birthday is not tomorrow anymore. That was meant for the 21st of march. o.o I love doing multiple things including playing em, hanging out with friends, and uploading videos on my YouTube page!

Guisetests~ Anything on prince or persia: sands of times. Anything about DBZ, Who my best survivor partner is, (Downlink! >:D) And who my favorithe EM rolemodel is, (Dat Manwhich! :3).

Friends, Shout outs, and other things.

Soda17- Dude. You are the best survivor host ever. Next time tell me when your next series game is. >:3

Downlink- Your more than a survivor buddy. Your a close friend on EM. Your cool and funny at times, and yet serious at the same!

Blade1234- Your awesome man. But you insult my hosting skillz! D:< One day i will have to show you i am one of the best! >:D Oh and stop messing with dream! >:O Dream....That's so totally who i meant. /pokerface

Wing!- Hahaha your a major redwings fan! XD Your awesome also!

Snailsmale- You have a calm, yet funny, personality. Kinda a dark and mysterious cool person in those anime you see.

Dreamy!- :D Your my bestest friend eva! Your so awesome! hahaha and i'm older than you. 5 year old! >:D muhahahahaha <3

Btw my guisetest in anyhting Kingdom Hearts Related