I'm going to be a Pokemon Master.

Rae here. Canadian girl that mostly only plays slow days at work in the office.

I might be a pokemon fan. I played all the games since I was young. These are my favourite though!

Freaking Cute little kittens. Thank you for helping me name them! Shinx and Luxray!

Since finding this game with my first account I have really enjoyed it here. There are dicks and I can't deny in games I will lose my head too but after win or lose I don't hate anyone. Even people who think I do.

The friends I have made here have been amazing I avoid outside game talk lots but I really enjoy talking to you guys and playing around. It really brightens up my horrible and cold days here in Canada :p

People that can always make me smile!

JacobV ~ 1920 ~ Hipstaa ~ Volley ~ KanaThePikachu ~ Dariukas~ Blazehawk ~ Orangebanana ~ Jasperca ~ Burnmand ~ Satan ~ spnead ~ KillingBadger ~ Guoman ~ Decel ~Erlado ~ Kishu ~ Slappin ~ Jorge ~ Vulcan ~ Bad ~ Shika ~ Siri ~ Tmises ~ Zambi ~ Ashley ~ Snaxer ~ Shwartz

And probably more... Honestly I love most people

THIS is why we don't talk and NL quickly in Coco https://epicmafia.com/game/4120901/review

Flareon is best eeveelution

http://i.imgur.com/unnwudl.png I am best hacker


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