Hochiminh city, Vietnam
Church of Sandbox

Of course, no irl friend cares about me enough to read those shit:

1.Im male, so pls use "he"

2.Except when I want to quit the game, I won't start the lynch on myself, even as baker or virgin

3.When you join my games, look at the setup, I usually use custom roles and troll setups a lot

4.I usually try to make the game as fun as possible.I veg a lot too. my mistake

5.Secretly I despise myself, my past, my look and my character in general.

6.Thanks for karma guys. And also fuck u, keld

7.I used to look like a cute little girl :3

8.If you have MAL account, pls tell me

9.Heres my Facebook page.

10.If someday I die, no matter if I suicide or not, please dont cry or even feel bad about it, just move on and take my life as an example.I will write some blogs about bad things I did soon