Most Based and Redpilled Player of 2019

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

  • Testimonials for BiggusDickus:

You suck. Majorly. Play unranked.

'what color are my socks?" decided which cop to lynch? seriously?

Negging cuss your a fucking retard who talks in all caps and spams

You are a terrible player, and a sore loser. -K.

You were intentionally getting your friends to troll with you. I was being logical and I was right. You have no right to say I was being bad when you just got your own friends to help you win.

You are literally the least intelligent player I have ever played with.

You can DQ Biggus now I've no affection for him anymore

Apparently you haven't gotten it yet that you can either be quiet of your own accord, or we can make you quiet. Up to you, the results are the same.

This guy trolls games in a number of ways. One of them is by kicking. Also, please read the forums, there are huge threads detailing how much this guy trolls.

-K because you are cruel to newbies. You don't know how to play the game AT ALL. You make up one thing in your mind and then try to bully people into doing it. You aren't rational and you certainly don't think like anybody I know that plays this game well. You can't just bully people by yelling at them and saying that it's true, just because you want it to be. I honestly was 100% sure that you were the worst mafia ever and town was retarded not to lynch you. Then I saw that you were town and I almost had a heart attack. You are terrible.