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Giga133mon 21d

Hello everyone,

People have complained since the beginning of time that the same old boring setups are made competitive every few rounds. Recently, I discovered setups need to have 200 ranked plays before they can be made competitive, or get "comped" for a competitive round in this lobby--unless approved otherwise by the Round Moderator.

It may be difficult to get 200 ranked plays in a setup you want to get considered for competitive play. Not only that, but it also has to follow all of the other guidelines for competitive setups (see: for these).

I want to create a weekly setup feature where those of us who are interested in getting new setups into competitive play a setup for a week and try getting as many plays on it as we can. Here's how it would work:

Before every Sunday, people post setups that they would like to try out--one setup per post. We will vote on the setups by plussing each post (please DO NOT NEG SETUP POSTS--votes lock each Sunday--only vote on one account please, this is for the good of competitions and we therefore want our voting to be honest), and whichever setup gets the highest number of votes will be played that week. That setup will be played as much as possible in red hearts for it to achieve at least the minimum 200 plays it needs until the end of the following Saturday. Then, we repeat the process with new setups. In the event of a tie, we will do one setup one week and the next setup the next week, and skip voting for one week.

This week will be for interested users to sign up, by voting in this doodle:

As an added incentive, I want to see if I can get any players to commit to comp 1 of any of the successful setups that we gain through this weekly feature of mine if they win a round. I will put my name on this list. I will also make a video on my YouTube channel talking about the setup that wins the vote each week!

Round Winners Who Will Comp a New Successful Setup (if they win a Competitive Round):

  • Giga13
  • alexandra
  • Songin

List of successful setups which we have played and are made competitive worthy:

  • None yet!

List of setups featured through this thread:

If you're busy, no worries! You can still vote yes in the poll if you're interested, because all you really have to do is just play the weekly featured setup from this thread whenever you're available and help vote on which setup you want to see featured for that week.

You may go ahead and start posting setups below! One setup per post please. Voting closes Saturday June 23rd @11:59PM EST. NO NEGGING SETUP POSTS, Plussing or leaving the post alone only

lilinJun 11, 2019
VanityPrimeJun 11, 2019

I made this awhile back. It has new mechanics and in my opinion, very balanced.

I've taken the effort to run most of the outcomes and I think it's balanced, according to probability theory with optimal play mafia should win 51.5-53.5% of the time, which in my opinion is generally balanced.

I'd also love to help test out as many setups as we can, and hopefully encourage runners to stop comping the same setups.
DiSoRiEnTeDJun 11, 2019

This seems pretty fun actually
BogmireJun 12, 2019
Vote up lads & lasses
MoldychesJun 12, 2019

Attempt #1 at trying to have the Charmer role in a setup. Please share any thoughts/balance issues!
MoroccoJun 13, 2019
Rebalance of one of my earlier setups
shadyJun 13, 2019
sorry Giga I tried but this 200 plays rule is cramping my style!!!
Giga13Jun 14, 2019!
Yeah it's way too much, there's a reason the point payouts change after 50 plays and not 200
Giga13Jun 16, 2019!
Since a bunch of setups are tied, we're just going to go in order. GMoney509's Pernicious Ambiguity is pretty scumsided after a decent sized sample, so we'll go with betmen's "Are You The Bad Man?" .

Please feature this until next Sunday! Thank you!

Continue posting setups and voting! The next setup will be decided on next Sunday June 23rd!
SolucionesJun 16, 2019
the setup i linked was comped once
DiSoRiEnTeDJun 16, 2019
lebJun 16, 2019
“Are you the bad man?” Is now featured! Have fun!
lebJun 16, 2019
Also, DiSoRiEnTeD, i upvoted that setup for you. (Mod upvotes are 20)
DiSoRiEnTeDJun 16, 2019
20 votes per mod.... What bs is this
CitadelJun 17, 2019
All the more reason for someone to complain : )
Giga13Jun 23, 2019!

This seems pretty fun actually is your fixed version, let's try featuring it for this week!

It's an FJ alternate but maybe people will like it more since innos are clear always.
GigaJul 4, 2019
As per my promise I will comp a new setup.


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