Competitive Setup Rules2

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Setups guidelines:

The following are general guidelines of what setups have to follow to be considered competitively viable. There are exceptions, but for the most part, setups should follow these rules.

  • 7-10 players
  • Town:Mafia win ratio does not exceed 42:57 or 55:45 (after ~200 plays). If a setup falls outside of this range after 200 plays, it isn't allowed back into gold heart play until it falls within the accepted range by playing in red hearts. A setup comped that exits the accepted range can remain for the duration of the round if it floats near the accepted limits.
  • Has no 3rd parties unless the third party wins with either town/maf exclusively. Example: Traitor winning with Mafia. This is because certain 3rd parties can be put into autoloss after a N1 kill, as well as certain roles being able to choose who they joint with (Fool/Lyncher townsiding, for example) which enables people to pick who wins.
    • There are certain exceptions to this rule, as determined by moderator and admin discretion. Presently, setups containing 3rd parties allowed are: Manhunt
  • Cannot utilize roles or role combinations that can be deemed gamebreaking. (Doc joints on DYLG, War on Terror, etc).

Other setup rules and restrictions:

  • 3 rounds need to pass between comping the same setup. So if Jan 2.0 was comped in Round 1, it wouldn't be able to be comped again until Round 5 (2, 3, and 4 in between).
  • This includes setup variants. So if someone comps SDS w/ML no Whisper Round 1, they cannot comp the version with a Miller and one less blue the following round.
  • Anon variants of setups are allowed, however, anon variants will be treated the same as other setups.
  • Only 1 variant of a setup may be comped in one round. (Example: Jan 2.0 or Jan 2.0 Anon, not both).
  • Setups with similar variants will be allowed/disallowed at mod discretion.
  • Any setup which becomes recognized as poor for comp will be taken down at moderator discretion.

Role restrictions:

Certain roles have been deemed unfit for competitive by the moderators. Some notable examples of these roles are:

  • Silencer
  • Fiddler
  • Fabricator
  • Santa

Roles will be allowed/disallowed at mod discretion.

Other rules:

  • You cannot win two trophies in one round.
  • You CAN win trophies in back-to-back rounds.


SinBOct 30, 2019
Manhunt can no longer be comped.
SinBNov 24, 2019
The minimum amount of plays a setup needs to be comped is lowered to 100 plays. So, if a setup that has 100+ plays fits in the other requirements, it is able to be comped.