Ban onions from burger king71

matt15mon 7d

No onions at burger king, they are burger king not onion king. Sign if you agree

Mouth28d 2h
white people
this25d 21h
i sign because i dont like onions in general, so utterly beneficially this petition can only benefit me
queen24d 5h
you eat at burger king willingly and therefore, have no right to complain
Eat your veggies.
Protip: 9985
queen23d 10h
but are they real vegetables if they’re at bk? much to think about.
matt23d 10h
Hmm I'm pretty sure BK sources real onions and has a prep person slice them up each day.
redengineer23d 2h
they should only sell the bun
Transcend23d 2h
Or the chicken fries

U wanna kno why

putridooze23d 1h
just thinking right now about the beautiful onion gravy I made for my sausages yesterday and licking my lips

No onions

No no no
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