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JonSnow7mon 10d

Hello everyone! I would like to ask the people who are interested in this event to participate and contribute as much as possible.

In order for 2 new roles to be added to em, the community has to work together to refine the ideas that are going to be mentioned below. We have to collectively select 2 of the best ideas and make sure their version is the best one possible. The next step would be to come up with some sort of artwork for the selected roles. Lucid mentioned something about rewarding the users behind the artwork that would get selected in the end for those 2 roles.

Jack the Ripper (originally Hypocrite)

  • Jack the Ripper hates anyone who kills.
  • Jack the Ripper only wins when the game ends and all murderers are dead.
  • If Jack the Ripper receives a gun or knife and kills someone with it, he will not consider himself a murderer.
  • To Jack the Ripper, murderers are killing roles or any other player that has successfully eliminated someone else (shot, stabbed, blown up, etc.)
  • If a player survives one of these actions, Jack the Ripper will not consider the attacker a murderer. (~Jennings)

Cat Lady

  • Chooses one player every night. The player is instantly alerted that a cat is at their door. They have two options: Kill the cat, and let it go. If you kill the cat, you are roleblocked and the Cat Lady doesn't know who was visited. If you let it go, the Cat Lady learns your role.
  • Sided with the mafia. (~Her)


  • Visits two people, taking all items from the first and giving them to the second (cannot visit self either way)
  • Action fails if trying to steal from a mafia
  • Sided with the village (~Torreador)

Vice President

  • If the president dies, takes their place
  • All townies immediately receive a message of their new president
  • Attends mafia meetings, and makes them anonymous
  • Cannot win if they are the vice president (~Alyssa)


  • Chooses one person every night.
  • Will see some whispers this person receives/makes.
  • Gossiper's action does not count as a visit.
  • Sided with the mafia. (~Soluciones)

(revising) the Seer

  • Knows all mafia from the beginning of the game.
  • If lynched at the end of the game, the last mafia can guess who the Seer is for autowin.
  • If the Seer dies, they will appear as a random (non-mafia) role in the setup and their will will always be blank. If dead, the mafia can still attempt a guess to the Seer's identity at the end of the game.
  • If there are multiple Seers in a game, only one Seer will know the mafia at any given time.
  • If there are two mafias and multiple Seers, the knowledge of the mafias will be split between them.
  • Sided with the village. (~Shwartz99)


  • Once per game can force someone to vote someone else. Vote cannot be OT'D if it is a hammer. Sided with maf (Will create more tension in selfing/hammering based setups (~Moldyches)


  • If they are the last man standing against a single mafia or third party, the village wins.
  • Sided with the village. (~XFire)


  • Each night chooses a power role from the options provided to him. (the mods should determine the list)
  • Night meeting goes accordingly
  • Sided with the village


  • Each night chooses a mafia role from the list.
  • Night meeting goes accordingly
  • Sided with the mafia
GrannyPixelJan 1, 2019
I think it would be a cool Easter Egg if the Demolitionist blew up if he gave a detonator to a bomb.
HerJan 1, 2019
let us be able to buy the n word pass with tokens in the shop. win-win
I already know how to bypass. I just don't like vios.
What is your favorite role mentioned in this thread?